This low-cost solution benefits individual technicians and business owners/trainers by allowing the individual technicians to take tests online to identify areas of strength and areas needing improvement. The account set-up enables business owners/trainers to assess and track the results of each individual technician.

Measures an individual's knowledge to a detailed level of:

  • Theory
  • Application (hands-on)
  • Diagnosis

Each assessment:

  • Provides instant feedback/results once a test is completed
  • Maps to ASE standards for each task area
  • Contains approximately 60 questions

How the Comprehensive Skill Assessment Tool (CSAT) works:

  • Individual takes pre-assessment
  • Areas needing improvement are identified
  • Delmar, a part of Cengage Learning, and the training manager/business owner work together to develop an education/training program to address areas needing improvement
  • Individual completes customized training plan
  • Individual takes post-assessment
  • Post-assessment results are available to individual and to manager
  • Manager is able to demonstrate return on investment for training dollars spent

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